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We ask you to abide by the following guidelines during your visit to SouthwestRentals. They apply to all users of the site, whether you are a renter or a landlord. Prior to registering as a renter or landlord, you must read and agree to follow the rules governing this site as outlined in Good Behavior and the Terms and Conditions. If you are aware of anyone not complying to the rules of this site, you should notify SouthwestRentals by sending us feedback.

The goal of
SouthwestRentals is to assist renters find quality rentals and for landlords to post their vacancies for prospective renters. This site should only be used by real renters looking for a place to live and real landlords who have vacancies and are looking for renters.

This site is free for landlords posting rentals. Any number of rentals may be posted. Guest renters may browse this site at no charge. To get access to the contact information for the rental (contact name, rental address, and phone number) you must be a member. If you have questions regarding our fees, please send an e-mail to feedback.

The information you submit should be applicable to the areas for which it has been submitted. No contact information should be placed in any area of the rental posting form except for those that specifically request it. This information must not be visible to guest renters. If this information is present, it will be removed and at
SouthwestRentals discretion your use of the site may be denied.

No inappropriate language is permitted in any submission to the site as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. If you are aware of any inappropriate material submitted to
SouthwestRentals, please send us feedback. Since we cannot monitor every submission to the site, we are not responsible for the content of our users. If we are aware of any inappropriate data submitted to SouthwestRentals, it will be removed and at SouthwestRentals discretion, your use of the site may be denied.

Your rental postings must be for your own internal use only.
SouthwestRentals does not permit its services, or any information available on the site to be sold or provided to third parties. Falsely representing yourself as as renter or landlord is expressly prohibited and will result in removal from the site. SouthwestRentals has the sole discretion to interpret or change these rules at any time without warning or notification. As a user of this site, you are responsible for understanding the current rules. Using SouthwestRentals is a privilege and we reserve the right to suspend that privilege for any reason.

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