Active Status - The Active Status will allow you to temporarily place your candidacy or posted rental in an inactive state. All information associated to the renter or rental is maintained, but it will be hidden from the public. All of the career search and management features are still available to you, but remember, if you have made yourself inactive, you are hidden from prospective landlords and renters that may be interested in you or your rental.

DetailedSearch - available at the top of each page, allows the user to search for rentals using a variety of search criteria. A renter doing a DetailedSearch will search the entire contents of all posted rentals. By clicking on the "Search Rentals" button, the search will target the entire (default) database of rentals. The search can also be limited based on the following criteria:

  • select type : The default is to search all types. A consistent naming convention for the type of rental is used for all landlords posting rentals. If you select Dream Home, the search will use the criteria you selected when you designed your Dream Home. If you are a registered renter and you have not designed your Dream Home, click here. You may temporarily over-ride your Dream Home criteria by making selecting any other criteria available in this search.

  • select county : The default is to search all counties. A consistent naming convention for the county is used for all landlords posting rentals.

  • select city : The default is to search all cities. A consistent naming convention for the city is used for all landlords posting rentals.

  • price from: select the lowest price of a rentals monthly price range- When a landlord posts a rental, they specify the monthly price. The rentals monthly price must be equal to or greater than the price you select.

  • price to : select the highest price of a rentals monthly price range- When a landlord posts a rental, they specify the monthly price. The rentals monthly price must be equal to or less than the price you select.

  • not older than: allows you to limit the search to those rentals that have been submitted or updated in the last selected number of days.

  • sort results by: will sort, or order the displayed results of the DetailedSearch by the selected item. The default, "Price" will sort the results starting from the lowest monthly price. Selecting "City" will order the results alphabetically by city. Selecting "County" will order the results alphabetically by county. Selecting "Date" will order the results from the rentals posted or updated from the newest to the oldest. Selecting "Rental Type" will sort the results numerically by the type of rental. Selecting "Rental ID" will sort the results numerically by ID. This is useful if you are searching for a rental and you have not saved it, but have recorded the ID and would like to see if it is still available.

Dream Home - Registered renters can design their Dream Home rental by specifying a variety of search criteria that will be used during the Dream Home search. This information is stored and will not have to be re-entered in future sessions. Since the rentals that will be returned from the search must match all of your criteria, be careful not to over-constrain your design. You should only indicate your have-to-haves. For example, if your rental has to allow dogs, or if you have to have a garage, only select these criteria. It is unlikely that a rental will meet all of your preferences, resulting in "No Dream Rentals Found". You may temporarily over-ride your Dream Home criteria in the DetailedSearch available at the top of each page by selecting Dream Home under select type, and then making other selections in the other lists.

Forgot My...?
- If you have misplaced your ID or Password, "Forgot My...?" will send you an email with your Login information. You will be required to know at least your e-mail address. You will then be prompted to exactly answer the Secret Question you entered during the registration process. If you exactly answer the Secret Question, your Login information will be emailed to you. If you cannot remember your e-mail address or the answer to the Secret Question, we request you do not re-register. Please send an email request to our administrative desk and you will be contacted.

Landlord - Someone that would like to post a rental vacancy.

Member Login - making your identification visible to the site. For added security, you need to provide your ID and Password. If you have forgotten your login information, you may visit Forgot My ...? to have it e-mailed to you.

My Home - The "My Home" page is displayed after Login. From "My Home" you can update your registration, view your Saved rentals, update a rental posting, or remove a rental posting.

Post a Rental - Submitting your rental location, description, amenities and any additional information you would like to provide. If you have not completed your posting, or you have rented your rental, or would like to hide the rental posting from the public for any reason you can set the Active Status to inactive. This allows you to keep your rental information stored, and you can re-activate your rental at any time in the future if it becomes available.

Rental Agent - By turning the Rental Agent on, will send you an e-mail notification if a rental submitted by a landlord meets your Dream Home requirements.

Registration - The process of entering your personal information to SouthwestRentals. Your registration information is completely confidential and free. Upon registration you will be assigned a unique ID, with email verification, that will be used to Login.

Remove Rental - If you are aregistered landlord and logged in, you may remove your rental from SouthwestRentals. If you check the Rental box, it will be completely removed from the site. This includes any information your have entered. If you simply wish to make your rental invisible to others while keeping your information in our database, you may go to the My Home page Update Registration page and change it's status to inactive. This keeps the information in place but you are the only party that can see it.

- an individual searching for a rental. You may also be a Registered Renter or Member. Rental searches are available to both members and non-members. The contact information (contact name, address and phone number) of the rental is only available to registered renters. The Dream Home is not available since it requires you to design your Dream Home rental. The Save Rental feature is available only to registered renters, allowing you to save rentals for the duration of your visit to SouthwestRentals. Note: You will be logged out if your session is idle for 20 minutes. Since only registered renters may request contact with an landlord, registration is recommended.

Save - Saving rentals or renters allows you to store the IDs for future reference. This is valuable if you use different search approaches. After your first search you may save a rental or renter, and on subsequent searches the save checkbox for those previously saved would be checked. You can also limit the Virtual Interview to only interview those IDs you have previously saved. If you are a Registered Renter or Registered Landlord, your saved list is stored for future use. If you are not Registered, the saved IDs will be removed after you have completed the session. The saved IDs are also reported as a count in the My gobs. You may click on the number in the saved column to only view those rentals or renter you have saved. For landlords, you may have multiple rentals posted with different requirements. You can associate saved renters to your Landlord ID or any Rental ID. The Active ID is the ID the renters you are saving will be associated with.

Search by Map - One of the several ways to search for rentals on SouthwestRentals is to use the county map of Southern California. Click on the county you would like to search within and the window to the right of the map will then list the cities within that county. You can click on the heading of the list to list the rentals available in all cities in that county or click on a city from the list.

Submit a Photo - Click "Submit a Photo" or the camera image available after clicking "My Home". Enter your rental ID and attach your photo to the email. Alternatively, send your photo to:
1116 8th Street #222
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


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